Why are brands losing the war against counterfeits?

Counterfeits are cheaper, perform just as well as originals Last year my Macbook’s battery died. Completely. An Apple service center ...
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Security Labels & Their Role in Fighting Counterfeits

Labels have traditionally been performing the following 5 functions on a product: Product Identification. Product Description Product Promotion Product Grading ...
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Implementing an Effective Track & Trace Solution

The ability to track the precise location of your product at any given point of time and trace the entire ...
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Unleash the Ultimate Power of Traceability with Non-Cloneable Codes

The advent of the internet and social media has brought about drastic reforms in the world. In the sphere of ...
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Leveraging your Induction Wads to Connect with your customer

To the packaging specialist, the induction wad is an effective packaging technology designed to protect the product from spillage, preserve ...
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Optimization Methodology

Packaging Optimization -Your Hidden Source of Profits

Jack Welch used to say “Costs are a Bottomless Pit.” Every time you scrape the bottom of the barrel you ...
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