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Meet Ranesh Bajaj

Ranesh is Founder & Director of Fasiculus, VINSAK & Secure Print. He is the driving force in establishing “VINSAK” as a Global brand for providing printing, packaging & brand protection solutions in the Asian, African and The Middle East countries.

A leading figure in the Global Print & Packaging industry. Ranesh has been recognized as one of the most influential Packaging Industry thought leader several times by various Industry associations e.g. ASPA, LMAI, IPAMA. He has a special emphasis on Brand Protection, Security printing, Labels, and Packaging. Ranesh has performed a lead role in completing many turn-key projects & addressing key issues in high volume printing & packaging  for various Government Agencies, Development banks, Pharmaceutical, Banking, retail & Security packaging companies. Ranesh is a Mechanical Engineer.

Finance & Operations
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Kuljit company

Meet Kuljit Rana

Leads Finance, Corporate Development & Automotive.

25+ years broad general management experience in the Automotive industry across Europe and Asia. Based

out of Ford UK, in a key assignment, he served as CXO of Ford India, doubling the size of the operation by adding 400k capacity manufacturing in a greenfield plant in Gujarat. In his last role he was Finance Director for Ford’s European Sales and Marketing, with $30 Billion top line responsibility.

He has extensive experience operating in UK, India and Europe. Kuljit is an Engineer and an MBA from Manchester Business School UK.

Loyalty Bhatia
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Loyalty Bhatia_company

Raj Customer Loyalty Bhatia

Customer Engagement, Loyalty & Direct Interactivity

Raj helps organizations conceptualize cutting edge, innovative loyalty marketing solutions that win and retain customers, employees, and channel partners.

He has been associated with nearly 50 loyalty programs, across several categories. Like retail, telecom, healthcare, banking, insurance, agriculture, IT, aviation, automotive and hospitality. He has worked on several leading brands – Microsoft, Lenovo, Titan, Airtel, Diesel, Maruti, Monsanto, Bausch & Lomb, Jet Airways, Glaxo, UTI, Taj, ITC – to name a few.

Finally, Raj has also authored this

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Meet Sachin Tandon

About Sachin

Sachin is an all round finance, business strategy, and “data-tech” expert.

Sachin has worked numerous projects across a variety of industries – usually at the intersection of the finance, research & development, and business strategy departments – having worked as a research engineer, business consultant, financial accountant, and entrepreneur.

He started his career as a Research Engineer at Renishaw, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high precision measuring equipment, and has since worked in the media, technology, retail, and finance industries, across the UK, US, Japan, Middle East and India – with Hitachi, the BBC, PwC, Jaguar Land Rover, and other multinational enterprises. He is an Engineering graduate of the University of Cambridge, and M.I.T.

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Manfacturing & Supply Chain
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Anupam company

Meet Anupam Kashiv

About Anupam

Global Business leader with expertise in manufacturing, procurement, supply chain, global business services (finance, HR, sales and supply chain) and business process excellence. My competence has been in varied sectors viz. FMCG, BPO, automobiles and pharmaceutical with expertise in Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, manufacturing / supply chain excellence and finance transformation. I design effective strategies that lead to profit maximization, significant cost savings, reduction in turnaround times and substantiated positive business output.

Anupam has had meaningful stints with Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Cadbury, Genpact, & Cipla.