We are a Packaging, Labelling & Print technologists, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Procurement veterans, Security authentication, Experts and Coders. We have been providing technology, equipment & consumables to the industry for decades, giving us unparalleled insights to help in Optimization & Digitization. We provide printing, packaging, and labelling to the Pharmaceutical and FMCG industries.


We have relentlessly removed costs from products and packaging year on year for some of the most efficient companies in the world.


We provide an innovative authentication, identification and tracking technologies. Our core security solution is powered by award winning technologies with > 150 patents. Our technology currently generates > 6 Billion security labels every year. We have now put together the 1st Packaging & Labelling industry blockchain for products & brands

Fasicuchain - Merge Digital and Physical

  • 1st Blockchain uniquely and solely designed for the Label & Packaging Industry
  • Transform packaging by making it digital
    • - Linking the digital with physical – authenticity, visibility and interactivity
    • - Data can be linked to any physical product
  • Cryptographic unique codes
    • - On the label, in smart tags or the print on the package itself
  • An underlying blockchain distributed ledger
  • Distributed Applications (D-apps) for all the partners
    • - Emerging democratized ecosystem
  • Seamless technology stack from the physical to digital.