Irrefutably confirm genuineness and attributes of a package through supply chains, from Farm to Fork or Factory Floor to Consumer.


Make your products and supply chains more Transparent and Traceable. Geo-Tag every sku in the entire journey offering an unmatched Track & Trace solution.


The Package comes alive! Retailer, Brand Owner, Loyalty Marketeer can have a direct 1:1 relationship with each customers or influencer in between.

Authenticity in a world of Counterfeiting

Fasiculus irrefutably confirms genuineness and attributes of a package through supply chains, from Farm to Fork or Factory Floor to Consumer.

Counterfeiting is now a > $1 Trillion menace for Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products (Fashion, Food, Health & Beauty, Liquor, Others), White Goods, Luxury Products, Automotive & Aviation, Electronic Devices industries.

eCommerce marketplaces offering a new impetus to a faceless distribution channel.

Control Grey market diversion which has its own challenges & legal consequences

Visibility – End to end Track & Trace Solution

Make your products and supply chains more Transparent and Traceable. Farm to Fork, Factory to Wardrobe

Supply Chain benefits: Complete Track & Trace for optimizing inventory, Geo-Tagged spatial maps of product use, Counterfeits when scanned for inspectors to act

Reward channel partners for their loyalty with much more effective trade schemes

Reward Influencers (Retail & Distribution) Key Opinion leaders directly & authentically

Interactivity – Cut through Direct to
Consumer – Treasure Trove in Dark Data
A Marketeers Dream Come True

Brands can leverage the wealth of new data. Direct connect with the end consumer irrespective of where they bought in an omnichannel world. Ready to use simple loyalty program or integrate easily into your existing loyalty set ups. 100% copy proof F-Codes (award winning technology with > 150 patents) on each product, smart tags or the print on the package. The entire data, at each unique SKU level, is available to the brand via dashboards for analysis, tracking, direct consumer / trade / channels marketing, and of course fighting counterfeits.

data on each SKU and each customer interaction


  • – Retail & Distribution & Influencers
  • – Key Opinion leaders – Directly & authentically

Raise the Bar:

  • – Become counterfeit resistant
  • – Signals best quality
  • – Prevent commoditization

Digital & Physical Authenticity Visibility Interactivity
for Products & Packaging

Among various solutions from Fasicuchain, F-Labels offer a high density, copy-sensitive code. Embedding production information, it’s copy or imitation by counterfeiters leads to a consequent loss of quality, which is instantly detected in the field with a smartphone and Vector Mobile® adaptor lens. This patented copy & duplication proof F-Labels on your product with a Blockchain based digital code
(F-Code) underneath, is a first to the world bringing together the physical and digital aspects of product provenance.

QR Code Based Tech

QR code-based technology offers an effective solution for consumer engagement and product authentication. By incorporating our QR codes on product packaging or labels, you can easily scan the codes using their smartphones to access detailed product information, verify authenticity, and provide feedback. This interactive approach enhances your consumer trust, promotes transparency, and empowers customers to make informed purchasing decisions while ensuring product authenticity and safety.

Non Clonable, Non Copiable Codes

Our non-clonable, non-copiable codes refer to unique identifiers or authentication mechanisms that are designed to be highly secure and resistant to duplication or replication. You can use these codes typically in product authentication and anti-counterfeiting measures to ensure that each code is unique and cannot be easily reproduced or copied. By employing our advanced technologies like encryption, tamper-proof features, or secure algorithms, non-clonable, non-copiable codes provide enhanced security and confidence in verifying the authenticity of products.

Tamper Proof Phygital Label

Our tamper-proof phygital label combines physical and digital elements to create a label that is resistant to tampering or unauthorized access. You can use these labels to incorporate security features like, unique QR codes, or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to provide a dual-layer of protection. By integrating our physical and digital elements, these labels enable enhanced product authentication and traceability, offering consumers peace of mind and brand owners an effective tool against counterfeiting or tampering.