Security Labels & Their Role in Fighting Counterfeits

Labels have traditionally been performing the following 5 functions on a product:

Security Labels

  1. Product Identification.
  2. Product Description
  3. Product Promotion
  4. Product Grading
  5. Meeting Compliances including MRP, Expiry etc.

However, in today’s age of counterfeiting, the label has also been given couple of new functions, which are

  1. Product Protection
  2. Interactivity Initiator

Security Labels are a new and fast growing product stream, which are able to effectively address these two new functions. In the following text we plan to discuss these two in detail.

Product Protection: A Security Label can offer the following protection to the product

  1. Resist counterfeiting or forgery: In Today’s time Product Provenance or the Genuineness of a product is of utmost importance. While the final provenance comes from actually testing the product, in many cases destructively, the label or package can be the messenger bearing this confirmation as well in real time at the Point of purchase itself. This property of the Label offers enhanced functionality and hence improves the entire eco system by increasing customer confidence, more security for the brands and less material wastage in terms of destructive testing.2.
  2. Tamper evidence: In many cases, counterfeiters use genuine packaging to either adulterate or completely replace the contents of the package thus causing irreparable harm to the brand. This could be by using a used package to refill with fresh content or in many cases just tamper with the cap or the seal to carry out adulteration. A number of solutions exist in the market including Pilfer proof caps, security wads, plastic moulded safety closures etc but tamper evident labels offer an inexpensive and secure solution for the same. Making the tamper evident label personalised for the brand by changing the text from a standard “void” to either words like “Opened” , “Safe” , “Sealed” etc  or even a Logo of the brand, ensure that the counterfeiter cannot buy off the shelf tamper evident material and print fake labels. Additional security features on the tamper evident label in the design, special inks, Special printing processes all ensure that the label is extremely complicated to replicate.

In Many cases, the incremental cost of converting a standard product label into a security label are not very high. With optimisation of raw materials, size, Print processes and actual Label sizes, the entire exercise of enhancing the functionality of the label can also be cost neutral.

Interactivity Initiation:


With the advent of smart phones, cheap data and 24X7 connectivity globally, the label can also be the “trigger” that can start a direct engagement between the brand and the end consumer. In these days when “data is the new oil “, brands cannot afford to ignore the importance of data and be held to ransom by the retailers (e-tailers) or traditional brick and mortar. Having a direct, easy to use connect with the consumer gives the brand un-paralleled insight into consumer behaviour, preferences, buying patterns etc that in turn converts to higher sales, a more robust & loyal customer base.

A package can be the carrier of a simple generic or a unique QR code that engages the consumer to View or Download product information, related processes or benefits and also can lead the consumer to have a longer term relationship with the brand by means of a loyalty program. The power of direct communication to the brand gives the consumer a strong sense of power and the confidence to buy the product knowing fully well that any feedback, good or bad, can be shared with the brand efficiently.

Transform your Label into a Security Label

  • Security Features to Battle Counterfeits

Micro text, hidden text & images, guilloches to avoid label replication

Seal vector to make the label non-cloneable and non-copiable.

  • QR code to promote interactivity.

Takes the user to an application and allows the brand to have a customized personal experience with each of its customers

  • Tamper Evident

Leaves a “void” or “opened” impression on the packaging surface when the label is pulled off. Can be customized to leave different text and colours

Our team of professionals at Fasiculus are well versed in this domain and can consult for you on the best use cases for security labels for your products. We have implemented these solutions for some Multi National Organizations and can help you do the same.

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