Why are brands losing the war against counterfeits?

  Counterfeits are cheaper, perform just as well as originals Last year my Macbook’s battery died. Completely. An Apple service center replaced it with a new one, err… a copy, helping me save 60%. I loved the deal. The wipers in my new car served well for six years. I chose to replace them with […]

Security Labels & Their Role in Fighting Counterfeits

Labels have traditionally been performing the following 5 functions on a product: Product Identification. Product Description Product Promotion Product Grading Meeting Compliances including MRP, Expiry etc. However, in today’s age of counterfeiting, the label has also been given couple of new functions, which are Product Protection Interactivity Initiator Security Labels are a new and fast […]

Implementing an Effective Track & Trace Solution

The ability to track the precise location of your product at any given point of time and trace the entire journey of the product from “Farm to Fork” or from “Factory to the Consumer “ poses a unique challenge to the industry’s supply chain teams. Numerous articles/blogs /white papers have been written till date about […]

Unleash the Ultimate Power of Traceability with Non-Cloneable Codes

The advent of the internet and social media has brought about drastic reforms in the world. In the sphere of consumer shopping, the internet and other social media platforms are a great way for consumers to promote brands and organizations. Consumers no longer purchase products just because it is the cheapest option available. Today, various […]

Leveraging your Induction Wads to Connect with your customer

To the packaging specialist, the induction wad is an effective packaging technology designed to protect the product from spillage, preserve its freshness, prevent adulteration of the product and provide a secure way to ensure that the product is free from pilferage. For any container, the induction wad is screwed onto a wadded cap. Passing the [...]

Packaging Optimization -Your Hidden Source of Profits

Jack Welch used to say “Costs are a Bottomless Pit.” Every time you scrape the bottom of the barrel you can get some more pennies. However, with years of shaving off costs from your products, for most companies (beyond the best performing global leaders) packaging is often the poor cousin of the main product raw […]

How to Optimize Packaging

“Packaging Optimization” means using ‘Smart Packaging’ that is purposely being designed to Contain, Communicate and Protect your product while it transit from a manufacturer, warehouse or in-store fulfillment center to a final destination. The aforesaid definition makes it sound as a simple term, but once you start to peel back the layers, the amount of […]

Mono Cartons Optimization

Lever Specifications Optimization  a Key Strategies -Standardized size of cartons for multiple SKU’s to increase Convertors volumes & Reduce cost of tooling Reverse print on film Vs Surface print on Board Materials used in Premium Cartons For Volumes in Excess of 1 M, evaluated in line web production Vs Traditional Sheet Fed Multi Step Processes [...]