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Digitize: Authenticity, Visibility, Interactivity

Optimize: Cost, Innovation, Sustainibility

About Us

We are a Packaging, Labelling & Print technologists, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Procurement veterans, Security authentication, Experts and Coders. We have been providing technology, equipment & consumables to the industry for decades, giving us unparalleled insights to help in Optimization & Digitization. We provide printing, packaging, and labelling to the Pharmaceutical and FMCG industries.

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We have relentlessly removed costs from products and packaging year on year from some of the most efficient companies in the world. This helps us bring Digitization of your packaging in a cost effective or even better a cost neutral manner. Being experts, along with cost we simultaneously bring innovation across technologies to your packaging, labelling and printing to keep it customer relevant. Interestingly both cost reduction and innovation have also made us make a positive impact on meeting sustainability goals for our customers.


We provide an innovative authentication, identification and tracking technologies. Our core security solution is powered by award winning technologies with > 150 patents. Our technology currently generates > 6 Billion security labels every year. We have now put together the 1st Packaging & Labelling industry blockchain for products & brands

Digitize your package & Label

Demonstrate complete trust in your brands and products right across the supply chain, delivering a secure package or label which envelopes an authentic product.

Patented copy & duplication proof F-Codes on your product – a first to the world combining of physical and digital aspects of product provenance.


Irrefutably confirm genuineness and attributes of a package through supply chains, from Farm to Fork or Factory Floor to Consumer.


Make your products and supply chains more Transparent and Traceable. Geo-Tag every sku in the entire journey offering an unmatched Track & Trace solution.


The Package comes alive! Retailer, Brand Owner, Loyalty Marketeer can have a direct 1:1 relationship with each customers or influencer in between.

Squeeze Your Packaging Cost

Despite years of cost cutting and bigger focus on the product inside, most companies end up leaving packaging far from being optimised.

Did you know you could save upto 20% on your annual packaging spends while driving innovation and sustainability?

Use Fasiculus’ packaging calculator to get a flavour of how much you can save!

Try it out!

Fasiculus Industry Applications


– Anti Counterfeit, Grey Market
– Potential Direct connect with consumer


– Product Provenance & History
– Potential Direct connect with consumer


– Track & Trace, Recall, Anti – Counterfeit, Fake, Product Information
– Comply with serialization directive


– Anti Counterfeit, Fake
– Distribution channel influencer marketing
– Warranty & Consumer Connect


– Every IOT device will need a trackable label to link to IMEI No


– Anti Counterfeit, Fake
– Consumer Connect
– Reseller Market provenance

Optimize Your Packaging, Printing & Labeling


Monomaniacal focus on Systematic, Sustained, Squeezing of packaging, labelling & print costs, for some of the most efficient companies in the world.


3+ Decades of supplying end to end technology and solutions to the Packaging, Labelling & Printing industry.


Packaging is a key pillar of sustainability. Our optimization continuously helps prove that Green is good for business and is good for the world.

Case Studies

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Shopping Bags Optimization

Removal of side gusset from all bags except 1 business; Bottom gusset instead of ...
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Mono Cartons Optimization

Mono Cartons Optimization

Lever Specifications Optimization  a Key Strategies
  • -Standardized size of cartons for multiple ...
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Label Optimization

Label Optimization

Lever Specifications Optimization  a Key Strategies
  • Optimized Label size based on print width ...
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