A. Uniqueness

  • Every F-Label® and, by extension, every pack will have a unique QR code.

B. Tamper-proof

    • The F-Label® is applied using a permanent adhesive which prohibits the F-Label® from being stuck back to any pack after being removed once.


  • This offers tamper evidence, which is especially relevant for this campaign.
Example of Tamper Evident Label that becomes void upon first removal

C. Anti-Counterfeit

    • The F-Label® utilizes a patented non-clonable/ copiable code to prevent counterfeiting.


    • This is a high density code embedded with production information.


    • The non-clonablility of labels is made possible because of the patented technology that causes loss of quality on each copy and reprint of the label.


  • This can be detected in the field with a smartphone and a proprietary magnifying lens, which is given to field inspectors.

The F-Label® utilizes a variable guilloche pattern that is unique to every product and linked to its QR code.


    • When the consumer scans the F-Label®, they can visually match the guilloche displayed on the app and that on the F-Label®. If they aren’t the same, it indicated that it isn’t an authentic F-Label® being scanned.


  • Since the one-to-one mapping algorithm between a guilloche and QR code cannot be decrypted, counterfeiters will not have the ability to create duplicate F-Labels®