While Print & Packaging is rarely on the agenda of leadership of large companies, it is a deceptively important category because often the ‘product’ comes enveloped within a package and similarly printed material communicates directly to the customer. As a basket, print and packaging constitutes typically 10-20% of the Indirect spend  depending on the industry. Most companies do not have focused category strategy and know how to source and manage print and packaging. This category faces two sets challenges- on one hand, as companies grow, SKUs proliferate, specifications multiply and supplier base gets fragmented. On the other hand, raw material price volatility, environmental concerns, stringent regulatory environment, consolidation in the industry are some of the external factors that make this category unpredictable. These two sets of challenges together test category managers even in most efficiently run companies.


What differentiates Fasiculus is our thorough and deep understanding of printing and packaging technologies, in depth knowledge of supplier networks – upstream and downstream, deep sourcing and financial expertise. We have team members who have been providing technology, equipment & consumables to print & packaging industry for decades allowing us access to unparalleled insights. We also have team members who have relentlessly removed costs from products and packaging year on year for some of the most efficient companies in the world. Our curated supplier base is continuously evaluated on their capability to supply, transparency on economics and total cost of ownership for our clients.

Typical Fasiculus approach when we address a sub-category or an item include all or some of the following steps- mine the data, create spend cubes, understand the chemical composition and physical properties of the item, explore the sourcing levers, value re-engineer, optimize specifications, explore possibilities of demand management, build should cost models, benchmark using market intelligence, run RFPs and auctions, develop alternate vendors, conduct workshops and train users. As a result Fasiculus not only unlocks the value hidden in an item or a sub-category, we enable client sourcing teams and user groups with elevated expertise.